About Us

Transforming Workplace Behaviour to Create A Safe Working Environment

Project Balance was founded by Gary Scholz in 2002. Since then he has coached hundreds of individuals.

Project Balance specializes in helping abrasive bosses become effective bosses. It focuses on helping employers eliminate unacceptable conduct in the workplace, that cause employees to disengage and become unproductive. This work is based on the ground-breaking research of psychologist Dr.Laura Crawshaw of the Boss Whispering Institute in the USA.

It doesn’t matter if you call it "unacceptable conduct" or "abrasive conduct" or "unacceptable interpersonal behaviour" or "bullying in the workplace’, the results are the same: demotivated employees who are not helping you move towards your goals. The truth is, there’s a problem you have to address; the underlying causes are the same no matter what word you use to describe it.

Can abrasive bosses change?

At Project Balance we believe that abrasive leaders fail to manage their emotions: usually they’re not even aware of them. Their abrasive behavior stems from fear and anxiety: fear of being perceived as incompetent; fear of losing their job; fear that they won’t measure up.

The Boss Whispering Method® that Project Balance specializes in, helps individuals gain insights into the effects of their behaviour and willingly learn management strategies that respect and motivate their employees.

How do you know if one of your managers is exhibiting unacceptable behaviour?

When complaints mount up and you hear comments like:

  • "He’s always talking down to people, interrogating them − Why didn’t you do this? Why didn’t you do that? − he makes people feel like idiots."
  • The best days at work are the days she isn’t here − that’s when we can breathe."
  • "I used to enjoy coming to work, but since he’s been hired, all I can think about is finding a way to get out."

Project Balance can help

Gary Scholz of Project Balance, works individually with your leaders. This is a sensitive topic where clients are asked to embark on a path of self-discovery so that they can change how they react. At Project Balance, our process ensures complete confidentiality.

Before you decide to terminate an employee for a chronically aggressive management style, or continue to put up with poor performance from demotivated employees, call Gary Scholz at Project Balance,at 0432 740 696 or go here to email him.