Case Study

Management Makeover - Abrasive Bosses (Bully Bosses)

A leader with interpersonal skills that (yet highly regarded technically in the field) had been noted as abrasive with employees, and causing friction within the work environment. Uncomfortable situations arose in the workplace as the result of this abrasive manager. The manager’s career was in jeopardy as well as potential litigation issues for the company. Two complaints had been made against the manger. The company was keen to have this situation turned around with minimum disruption to the company and their employees.

Project Balance was commissioned with the task or correcting inappropriate behaviour in a leader, whilst retaining them an extremely valuable manager.

Requiring immediate resolution to not only rectify this critical situation, but mitigate the risk of litigation, Project Balance executed the *Boss Whispering coaching program designed specifically for abrasive leaders who are generally unaware of, or intend to minimize the impact of, their behaviour.

The results were outstanding, obtaining significant change. The manager experienced a marked transformation in their behavioural competencies, adding considerable new tools to their repertoire of interpersonal skills. The company retained their valuable employee, avoided litigation, employees suffering ended, employees regard employer positively for intervening, and employer has peace of mind of knowing they did everything in their power to remedy the situation.

Email to HR and Director

As you know over the last 8 weeks or so I’ve been working with Gary Scholz who’s been helping me with techniques to address some of my management and interpersonal shortcomings.

I have a couple of sessions to go with Gary, he then intends to complete his 360 process by talking to the people who agreed to provide their input to the initial part of the program. Whilst this work has been of a personal nature between myself and Gary I thought you might be interested in knowing how it’s going.

I’ve found this program to be of great benefit. Gary has significantly raised my level of self-awareness and provided me with some insights into the importance of perception, empathy, reading signs and how to handle difficult situations and difficult people without making them or myself feel threatened or anxious.

The program has also made me a better person as some of the learning has flowed into my personal life. I went into this coaching with a degree of trepidation and skepticism but over the past 8 weeks those concerns have been removed.

This program might not be for everyone – it can be a bit confrontational at times – but it’s working out extremely well for me.

I would like to thank you both for giving me the chance to work with Gary and I can certainly recommend him for this type of coaching.

If you would like to have a confidential conversation with Gary regarding any issues that you may be facing in the workplace and need assistance, please get in touch via ph or email.

Mobile 0432 740 696 E:

Workplace bullying is verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse by your employer (or manager), another person or group of people at work.