Abrasive Bosses (Bully Bosses)

Bully Bosses, Bad Bosses, Bad Managers, Bad Leaders


Do any of these symptoms sound familar?

  1. Are you receiving complaints regarding the individual's interactions with co-workers?
  2. Do you get requests to transfer out of the leader's department?
  3. Are you losing valued employees?
  4. Is there decreased morale and motivation in your organization?
  5. Are you open to potential or actual harassment litigation?
  6. Do your leaders overreact?
  7. Do your managers over control?
  8. Do executives lack emotional control?
  9. Do your managers leap to judgements?
  10. Are your managers threatening?
  11. Are you experiencing public humiliation?
  12. Is there condescension in the workplace?
  13. Are there intimidating attitudes?
  14. Do you see disrespectful behaviour?

What If?:

What if you could retain your highly valuable executive/manger technical expertise? Whilst improving their interpersonal skills, adjusting their inappropriate behaviour, strengthening their workplace relationships, and having them contribute to a harmonious workplace.

What if you avoid costly staff turnover and expensive litigation? Creating harmonious leaders means you retain staff, reducing the cost of training and turnover, and mitigates the risk of litigation from unfair and/or unsafe workplace practices.

What if this whole issue could be turned around in a matter of months to never return?

What if you saw demonstrable change in the first few weeks? “Leadership by attraction” builds leaders that everybody wants to follow.

What if you saw increased moral/productivity. Watch your workplace environment experience a positive change, and result in increased moral, productivity and profitability.

What if you could lower absenteeism . With a positive workplace environment your team enjoy coming to work.

What if employee suffering ends. Help your staff help you, in increasing the performance of your business unit. Remove the negativity, and focus on the positive strengthening of your organisation.

What if you could reduce potential for litigation, attrition, anti-management sentiment. Everyday employers are paying tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation, when a cost effective solution is right in front of them.

What if your employees regarded you their employer, positively for intervening. Let your employees know you value them, by improving their workplace, environment and conditions, and watch you team and productivity go from strength to strength.

What if you the employer reduces potential for litigation because they can demonstrate they intervened. Your proactive approach is your best defense.

What if you the employer has peace of mind of knowing that they did everything in their power to remedy the situation. Rest assured knowing your organization is doing everything possible to maintain an appropriate workplace environment.

And lastly: What have you got to lose? this is a NO RISK program

"Management Makeover" is the solution

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