Business Coaching

Training is crucial as part of professional development, however, often the material covered in training is not readily interpreted into workplace improvement due to its generic nature. Research has shown that the use of coaching as a reinforcer and fine-tuner of training is the most successful way of improving workplace skills.

Business coaching uses the principles of life or personal development coaching to help facilitate the employee’s desire for improvement. However, often individuals are unaware of what their areas of weakness are, therefore a business coach will work in conjunction with the employee and supervisors to help draw out specific skill-sets that need improvement and develop strategies to strengthen these areas. Business coaching is structured to assess and evaluate current skill levels of staff, build specific strategies for overcoming individual issues and work to improve the effectiveness of individuals, in order to meet the overall objectives of the organisation.

Our business coaches have a range of specialist areas that include:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Goal setting
  • Systems management
  • Strategic gender management
  • Relationship building
  • Customer service excellence
  • Making wise decisions
  • Whole-brain thinking

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