Caring for the Community

Living a well balanced life means attending to three levels of care: care for self; care for family / friends; and care for the wider community. At Project Balance we believe that unless we are actively caring at all levels, we are not living to our full potential.

Many people today are so worried about securing their own futures and protecting the interests of their selves and loved ones, that they lose focus of how fortunate they are and are blind to the small acts of kindess and generosity they can extend to others. Sadly for them, they miss out on one of the greatest pleasures in life - the pleasure of giving to others and adding richness to the wider world.

At Project Balance, we don't just encourage our clients to attend to their own commitments to the community, we are constantly aware of and reviewing our own commitment to the community. There are many ways we do this.

All members of the Project Balance team provide voluntary service in coaching, managerial, mentoring, administrative, in respite and palliative care, supporting local sporting clubs and volunteering at local schools in their areas of expertise.

Our most recent venture is to raise funds for charity through the 'justkarina' greeting card series. One of our executive team, Karina Butera, has put her joy of painting to good use and turned some of her favourite pieces into blank greeting cards. All profits from the sales of the cards are donated to charity. Most of the original painting were donated to The Melbourne Therapy Centre to be sold individually and help raise much-needed funds for their building extension.

Click here to view and/or to purchase 'justkarina' Greeting Cards.

Charities supported by Project Balance include:

  • The Melbourne Therapy Centre
  • CARE Australia
  • PLAN Australia
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Australian Conservation Society
  • The Royal Guide Dog Society

If you represent a charity and would like to discuss purchasing cards at cost to raise funds for your organisation, please contact us.