Personal and Team 'Extended DISC™' Assessment

How well do you understand and utilise the specific personality and behavioural styles of each individual you have working in your team?

It does not matter how technically skilled your group are as individuals, if they are unable to work well as a team, your organisation will not meet its full potential. Project Balance can help you assess the state of your current team through applying the highly acclaimed profiling tool: Extended DISC™. This comprehensive profiling system will identify the individual personality and behavioural styles of each of your team members. The advantage of Extended DISC™ is that it not only provides a profile of the individual’s ‘natural’ style, but it also assesses how the person is adapting there natural style in the current situation.

The Team Profile will plot each member on a behavioural ‘diamond’ which allows you to identify gaps and provide training and coaching to help team members recognise the best way to work with each other. Extended DISC™ is simple to apply; it has a proven history of validity and reliability and is used in over 50 countries. It is an essential tool in any recruitment or team building exercise and has the capacity to be used cross-culturally and on a global scale.

Whether you require an individual assessment, a profile of two team members who are required to work closely together or a full team analysis and alignment, we can help. For further information on Extended DISC™ click here or contact us to initiate discussions.