Group Coaching and Training

Are you undergoing restructuring? Is there a particular department in your business that requires special attention? Do you find your employees work more as a disconnected group of individuals than a team?

Perhaps group coaching or specific training programs are what you need. Let us know what your requirements are and we will provide you with a group coaching or training package designed to meet your company's unique needs.

Areas we specialise in are:

  • Improving staff motivational levels
  • Encouraging accountability and commitment to team missions
  • Excellence in customer service teams
  • Synergising your team
  • Creating 'wise' and 'balanced' workplaces
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Coaching in the workplace
  • Winning sales techniques
  • Operating from a 'strengths' perspective
  • Gender-awareness in the workplace

Specific workshops we can deliver are:

To find out how we can contribute by increasing the performance levels of your team, contact us.