Karina Butera

PhD, BA (Hons), ACC, LCA, FHI
Director, Life Coach/Sociologist/Corporate Trainer

Karina has a professional background in recruitment, sales, industrial psychology and administration, and an academic background in sociology, philosophy, psychology, gender studies and creative writing. Her postgraduate studies have focused on the experience of gender, friendship and community, with her most recent project investigating the personal lives of Australian CEOs. As testament to Karina’s commitment to excellence, she was nominated for the Alfred Deakin Medal for excellence due to her undergraduate results and she has been the recipient of several academic scholarships and postgraduate awards. Her articles have featured in popular, trades and business magazines and newspapers; her research has been published in academic journals both nationally and internationally. She has been a contributing author in Deakin University’s ‘Love, Sex and Relationships’ study materials and lectures and has presented several research papers at various universities and conferences across Australia and New Zealand. Most recently Karina has been a regular guest on channel seven’s ‘The Morning Show’ providing expert opinion on relationship matters.

Karina is a specialist in workplace relationship coaching, achieving corporate culture change, CEO coaching and executive coaching.

The majority of Project Balance’s extensive range of training and development programs were written and developed by Karina and illustrate the special blend of realism, humour and sensitivity she applies to her work. She enjoys presenting and facilitating, and is known for the professional, yet empathic, enthusiastic and fresh manner in which she shares her years of reading, observation and personal discovery with those keen to live effective, rewarding and enjoyable lives. Karina is also available to give key note presentations or run workshops that educate on issues regarding living a balanced life, behaviours and attitudes, gender dynamics in organisations, effective communication and assertiveness skills. She has worked one-on-one with executives as well as with teams, in small-medium businesses, in government departments, hospitals and essential services. She loves working with teams in building high levels of emotional and social intelligence to create exceptional levels of cohesion and effectiveness.

Karina’s passion for social contribution and bringing out the very best in herself and others has been demonstrated through years of volunteer service, working with the elderly, domestic abuse survivors, youth and other marginalised groups. She has been instrumental in founding groups such as PACT (a support network of in excess of 80 Melbourne postgraduates); the Australian Life Coaching Society (an organisation which brought together coaches from all over Australia to altruistically contribute to under-resourced communities); High Ideals (an association for those who took their values of integrity, positivity and impact seriously) and has also been involved with the Leap Frog Revolution, Lighthouse Foundation, the Scaffidi Foundation and the Conservation Foundation.

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