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Abrasive leaders rub their co-workers the wrong way. Their words and actions create interpersonal friction that grates on subordinates, peers, and even superiors, eroding employee motivation and organizational productivity. Abrasive conduct can range on a continuum from mildly irritating to severely disruptive (otherwise known as workplace bullying)

It can't go on - something has to change. You've gotten multiple complaints from employees describing how difficult it is to work with this individual. You've realized it's not just a simple personality conflict - it's a chronic pattern of disrespectful behaviour shown toward others, be they subordinates, peers and/or superiors of the abrasive leader.

You've tried talking to the individual, to no avail. You encounter denial: "I'm not abrasive!" or justification of the behaviour as a necessary management strategy: "Sometimes you just have to be tough on people to get them to perform." The abrasive leader may even have acknowledged their destructive style and promised to change their ways, but after a brief period of improvement, the old behaviours return. You value this person's expertise, but their technical performance is now being overshadowed by their disruptive interpersonal conduct. You feel helpless - you wonder if the situation is hopeless.

You're not helpless, and contrary to common belief, abrasive leaders are not hopeless. Over the past thirty years of research and practice, Dr Laura Crawshaw has developed an accelerated coaching process designed to help these individuals develop the insight and motivation to relinquish their abrasive styles in favor of more productive management strategies. He or she will find the process deeply rewarding and enjoyable, and you will see demonstrable results by the third coaching session.  

More than ever the focus on quality leadership from your executives and managers will be significant in the future. 

Replacing highly experienced and skilled people is very expensive to your business and besides why would you want to if you could retain your valued executive at a cost that is significantly lower than the cost of recruiting and re-training? The benefits far outweigh the costs, ROI is a no brainer.

Lets discuss this further:

What are the symptoms of abrasive leadership

Symptoms of abrasive leadership may include, but are not limited to:

  • Complaints regarding the individual's interactions with coworkers
  • Requests to transfer out of the leader's department
  • Attrition of valued employees
  • Decreased morale and motivation
  • Potential or actual harassment litigation

What can be done?

Boss Whispering® is a coaching method designed specifically for abrasive leaders, who are generally unaware of, or tend to minimize the impact of their behaviour. Based on extensive research with over 400 abrasive executives, managers, supervisors and professionals (including medical, legal, and academic), this approach helps individuals quickly gain insight into the impact of their words and actions and develop non-destructive management strategies.

How does it work

This highly confidential process involves an initial onsite assessment followed by regular in-person or telephonic coaching sessions. Boss Whispering® usually lasts 8-10 sessions, and demonstrable results should be evident by the third coaching session.

What are the advantages of Boss Whispering

Boss Whispering® is designed to be enlightening and profoundly rewarding for the abrasive leader. Coaching clients frequently express gratitude for their employer's willingness to offer help through Boss Whispering®, rather than moving toward demotion or termination. Coworker distress ends, and employees regard the leader positively for changing, and the organization for intervening. Finally, employers retain the leader's expertise while eliminating the risk of future attrition, litigation, or anti-organization sentiment related to abrasive leadership.

Gary Scholz is trained in the Boss Whispering Method® developed by Dr Laura Crawshaw Ph.D.

Gary has worked in the Coaching profession for the last 10 years as a coach, tutor and educator. Previously Gary worked in the mining, gas and oil sectors, both in heavy electrical engineering and as a professional diver. These combined experiences have given Gary a good understanding of the dynamics between business and people. He has a sharp awareness of the importance of building accountability, peer support and professional care in teams. He can be relied upon for a realistic and positive approach to the complex problems that exist between these two dynamics.

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