Team Building Events

Whether you are putting a new team together or wanting to add a little more symmetry and cohesion to your existing group, a team building day can provide a fun and challenging way to infuse life, synergy and shared commitment into your group.

We will tailor-design a team building event specifically to your needs. Whether you want an hour or two, a day or overnight retreat, we can accommodate your request. The event can take place at your workplace, an off-site facility or an outdoor location we can help recommend. Activities can be as simple or challenging as you wish, will be themed as required and can cover the following range of skill-sets: team building activities

  • Problem solving
  • Memory
  • Linguistics
  • Creativity
  • Lateral thinking
  • Physical strength, agility, endurance and speed
  • General knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Emotional and social intelligence

And of course all activities will allow you to observe and assess the strengths, weaknesses and group-dynamics of your team. We are able to produce personality profiling and an evaluation report as part of the process and will do all we can to help you turn a group of individuals into a cohesive and complimentary unit.

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