Life and Personal
Development Coaching

'Karina is a thoughtful and committed life coach and the creator of the 12 module well being program. With Karina's support I have utilised the Well Being program and two series of personal life coaching to support my own individual holy grail: meaningful work life balance. Karina brings to her coaching numerous insights from her professional career and coaching experiences and I am truly grateful for her lateral thinking that enables one to view in multiple ways life's personal and professional challenges. Ultimately in a world of KPI's Karina has nailed them for me. My four teenage sons never miss Sunday evening family BBQ, a truly inspired outcome of our coaching and even more important is my improved golf handicap. Work Life balance is achievable!'

'I now recommend life coaching to everyone. It's amazing that focusing one hour a week on "me" can make such a huge impact... I particularly found it helpful getting through old thought patterns, getting through issues I hadn't seen as issues. The notes after each session were great, along with the encouragement and safety of speaking freely... Karina, you have helped me, made me realise lots about myself, have given me the courage to get on with it and get into it! You have made me realise what a valuable and important person I am... I have enjoyed your comfort, encouragement and your motivation! Thanks for everything!'

Abbey (General Manager/Artist) - Port Melbourne

'As a result of Karina's coaching, I have taken some major steps in my life. I have resigned from my corporate management consulting role and embarked on an executive coaching and leadership-development consulting career. my philosophy has shifted from being largely goal and achievement focused to a more meaningful and balanced approach to life. I now value happiness above all else... Karina's coaching style is intuitive, spontaneous, enthusiastic, giving and nurturing. She coach's from the heart and never gives less than 100%. I would highly recommend Karina to anybody seeking life coaching.'

Ross (Executive Coach. Leadership Consultant) - Brunswick