Team Building Events

'The games were fun and exhilarating ... and a lot of hard work!!! But on the whole it was great! Karina and Nicky were really friendly, warm and great organizers. The best part of the experience was that we got to know each other so well and broke the ice with people we didn't really know previously.'

'The program was great and creative with healthy activities. The best part of the experience for me as the team work, the jokes, the walk, the photos, the discussion! It was a great experience as I have never been to anything so recreational before. I loved it! Programs like this should take place every few months if possible.'

'I had loads of fun, as well as getting to know my team-mates a little better. Nicky and Karina are lovely people - loads of fun, very approachable.'

'This was a very well organised program. Equal opportunity was given to all to participate and show their abilities and skills. The best part of the experience was getting to work and solve problems in teams.'

'It was great working as a team, getting to know others in a more casual, relaxed atmosphere. It would be nice to have more of these days every so often.'

'All the activities were great fun. The facilitators were great - energetic and well organised.'

'It was good to have different activities measuring different skills that everyone could have. Thank you very much, Nicky and Karina, for organizing this enjoyable event. I had a great time!'