Wellbeing Program

'A must! After doing this program I am more happy with myself. My long-term goals are clearer and I'm more determined to meet them.'

'The program gets you to confront your own self identity and in particular how your actions and reactions affect others. I'm now more confident, have more fun and relax more. I find that I feel more comfortable with myself and I am trying harder to listen to others, even if I don't agree with their opinion.'

'Doing this program was a very positive experience. It is applicable to everyone - as people have different stress levels this could be beneficial for the cleaner as well as the director.'

'Project Balance is becoming quite a source of interest at my sporting club, where I hold the position of training and development coach. After referring to the program on a couple of occasions the guys seem genuinely excited about getting input on keeping the performance, enjoyment, etiquette and competitive sides of our game in balance. Hope you don't mind me pinching a bit of the good stuff. Oh and by the way, it seems to work!! We are 11 wins and 1 tie from 12 games for the season so far!'